Genomica and HuaSin Make Advances in the Fight Against Cervical Cancer in China

Madrid, Guangzhou. Today on Feb.18th, 2019.– The companies Genomica (Madrid, Spain) and HuaSin (Guangzhou, China), announced to join forces in an attempt to address the globally rising challenge of early detection of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer represents an increasing challenge for low and middle income countries. From more than 500,000 annual new cases globally, about 130,000, occur in China, leaving about 50,000 women dead every year. This represented the driving motive of Genomica and HuaSin to enter into an OEM agreement under which HuaSin obtained exclusive rights to develop and produce under their own “DiBao” label a fully automated HPV genotyping assay platform utilising Genomica’s technology platform. HuaSin has commenced the necessary registration process with CFDA and plans to launch the entire platform into China in 2021,subject to regulatory approval. Beneficiaries of the diagnostics are anticipated to include only the top-tier but,also district and rural hospitals in China.

“We are very glad having found a partner with such long-standing expertise and outreach into the Chinese IVD market, helping us to bring our product to this challenging market,if approved” says Dr. Rosario Cospedal, CEO of Genomica. “For us it is a mission to enable as many women in the world as possible to test their HPV status Thus potentially getting our fully-automated HPV CLART test into China via an excellent partner supports our mission substantially.”

“It has always been our quest to improve healthcare and diagnostics to all people in China”, Mrs. Luo, President and CEO of HuaSin, stated at the signing ceremony. “Having decided to make a significant contribution in fighting the widely unaddressed cervical cancer – in terms of early detection – we intended to launch Genomica’s technology to the market if approved. Not only do we anticipate that this technology will it help to detect HPV in women before cancer develops and spreads, but we hope that it will also support the long-needed and evolving vaccination programs. We hope that many Chinese women will benefit from our technology and that we can help our medical professionals to safe many lives.”

Genomica is highly experienced in the analysis of genetic identification. Founded in 1990, with facilities in Madrid, GENOMICA’s mission is to improve the present molecular diagnostics tools and the human identification methods through reliability and automation. Its main objective is to maintain leadership in genomics applications within the Spanish market, and to extend internationally in the area of Molecular Diagnostics by means of the design, development, automation, and commercialization of new diagnostic applications of our innovative technological platform, Clinical Arrays Technology, CLART®. GENOMICA has developed diagnostic tests for human papillomavirus associated with cervical cancer, the diagnosis of viral respiratory diseases, multiple detection of human herpes and enteroviruses, as well as detection of gene regions associated to the determination of human therapy response factors, in particular in the Oncology field. GENOMICA also provides analysis of DNA, Legal and Forensic Medicine, and Technology Transfer services.

HuaSin Science CO. LTD, established in October 1989 and headquartered in Guangzhou, China, is a professional enterprise who distributes clinical laboratory instruments, medical devices and reagents, manufactures in vitro diagnostics products and provides thirty-party clinical laboratory services. HuaSin has set up branches and offices in 28 cities nationwide and its sales network covers every part of China. Partnering up with world-famous companies, such as SYSMEX, ARKRAY, BIO-TEK, SAKAIMED, BioMerieux, EUROIMMUN, QIAGEN, DIASORIN, ROCHE, HuaSin is dedicated to bring state-of-the-art medical devices and reagents to China. HuaSin also manufactures high quality and affordable reagents for clinical diagnosis under “DiBao” brand which are well-accepted by clinical laboratories in China. HuaSin’s third-party clinical laboratory, Guangzhou Kangdu Clinical Laboratory was established in 2003 and has been providing premier services for hospitals in Guangdong. Upholding the motto “professional product, professional service” and integrating research, distribution, production and service, HuaSin is striding on the right track to prosperity and to meet the need of Chinese people for better health.

About Cervical Cancer:Cervical cancer is the fourth most frequent cancer in women with 570,000 new cases in 2018 alone, representing almost 7% of all female cancers. About 90% of deaths from cervical cancer are occurring in low- and middle income countries. A major cause of cervical cancer are human papilloma viruses (HPV) .We believe this high mortality rate from cervical cancer could be reduced through prevention, early diagnosis, effective screening and treatment programmes. Actually there are vaccines protecting against common cancer-causing types of human papilloma virus which can significantly reduce the risk of contracting cervical cancer.