Company Landscape

We provide a conducive work environment with state-of-the-art facilities and friendly atmosphere.


We provide competitive benefits to all employees at Huasin.

  • Insurance

  • Bonus

  • Annual Leave

  • Humanistic care

  • Team Building Activities

  • Promotion mechanisms

  • Annual Check Up

  • Employee Cafeteria

Talent Development

Huasin has designed and implemented a talent development program to improve employee productivity and efficiency.

  • 01

    Here, there is a mature and complete leadership ladder, laying a solid foundation for the company's high-performance managers.

  • 02

    According to the qualifications of the position, the corresponding curriculum system is formulated to form a perfect system of professional talent training.

  • 03

    Share industry information and executive voices through lectures; solve business critical issues with action learning projects and enhance student leadership.

  • 04

    The training format is more diversified, enriching the learning style, allowing employees to make full use of trivial time to self-improvement.

  • 05

    Regular employee job skills training and testing enable employees to continuously improve and improve their professional skills.

  • 06

    From time to time, industry expert lectures and experience and technical exchange symposiums will be held to keep employees up to date.