Research and Development Overview

Over 60 types of reagent products in production, including blood analysis, biochemical analysis, urine analysis, and pathological analysis.

1996: R&D of IVD reagents began

1998: Acquired government permission to begin mass production

2003 and beyond: Involved in establishing the IVD reagent industry and setting industry standards. Current TC136 Observer and Guangdong TC16 Member

Kangdu Overview

The Laboratory carries out various Internal Quality Control (IQC) and actively participates in External Quality Assessment (EQA). It participates in the EQA organised by the National Health Commission and Guangdong Centre for Clinical Laboratory in areas like biochemistry, blood lipid, clinical immunology, endocrine system, clinical microbiology, blood cells analysis, and PCR. Over 95% of the tests score 100-point in PT.

Photos of Kangdu

R&D Facilities